Haddad and Ellis Family Trees

Thank you for visiting! Here are HADDAD AND ELLIS FAMILY TREES which we compiled from information that has been collected at various reunions and family gatherings over the years. Some information has also been collected from email requests. We hope that everyone in your family will enjoy navigating through the trees and take the opportunity to reminisce and reconnect. Family trees will give your children an interest in their own background, in the important people in their family, and in their rich cultural history. This tree includes two big connected branches -- the Haddad family and Ellis family from Jib Jannine and Ain Arab, Lebanon. Feel free to print any part of your family tree.
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There will be frequent updates based on the information you send us. There are almost 1,000 names on these trees, so we expect many updates from you. If anything is confusing to you, please let us know and we will be happy to help you!